Monday, July 23, 2012

My Industrial Piercing- Pain, Experience, Healing ETC

Hey lovelies!
So for those of you that are a regular on my YouTube channel you would know that ive recently done a "My piercings and Tattoo's" video! It was highly requested. Since posting that video, i now have my Industrial done- many of you have been asking me questions about it so i though id do this blog post on it, to hopefully answer your questions!
I like this piercing becuase its more of a "Unique" (if any piercing could ever be called unique)! I dont know anyone else who has it!
And in my opinion its a great unisex piercing! 




For anyone who doesn't know a "Industrial" also know as a "Scaffold" Piercing is basically 2 piercings in your ear, connected by 1 bar.
Most commonly though the outer rim of the ear, but it can also go straight though the ear!


So like any other piercing, the area is always cleaned by the piercer prior to piercing.
There are 2 ways you can go about it, either get 2 separate studs/rings or go straight for the barbell.
The only issue is, more often a normal single piercing is roughly 18 to 20 gauge in size- Where as a Barbell for a Industrial is roughly 14g so many times the piercing may not be wide enough for a Barbell- So i recommend just going straight for the barbell, anyways that gives you the "true" Industrial look.

The Piercer will mark out where your piercing will be placed with texter, and then get you to double check....and now the fun begins.
What they did with mine was pierce the top part of my ear ( near my hair) first, and then put the needle straight though the second hole all in 1 go.
 Then with the needle still in, they attach the barbell to the end of the needle (it hooks in) and thread it back though your ear, so there is always either the needle or the bar in your ear. My piercer didnt put the needle in- take it out and then put the bar it, he just did it all in 1 go. Which in my opionion was better, its alot faster!

My Industrial piercing.


This is a hard one because i know that everyone has different tolerances for pain! To me i would say it was about a 6-7 out of 10.
It was not as painful as my traggis, which in my opinion was my most painful out of all my piercings.
It was more pressure and heat, and the sound of the cartage made my skin crawl!
I defiantly think that the bit near my hair was the most painful, i didnt even feel the second piercing go though! But also when they put the bar though that hurts a fair bit aswell! I would say that this is the thickest of all my piercings and yeah it did hurt, but in my opinion its well worth it!

So my piercer recommended a sailen solution.
1 Cup boiled water- Cooled
1tsp Salt
 Or you can use a solution that is made for newly pierced ears.
Im currently using Rossans Antiseptic Ear Care.

He recommended to wash my ear about 4 times a day. The more times your clean your ear the better and faster it will heal. YOU MUST ALWAYS have clean hands when your about to clean your piercing, this will prevent any contamination. So what i do is soak it for 1min or so, just to get off any crusties. Then i push the piercing forward, clean all around, then push it back and clean all around. Then i wiggle (not twist) the piercing to wash the solution though the ear.
Also when you wash your hair make sure to cup your hand over the piercing as shampoo can aggravate the piercing in its early stages. But if your not washing your hair its a good idea to let the water bead onto it, to help remove any crusties. DONT PICK AT IT! Just let it heal in its own time!
ALSO dont touch it, EVER! Unless your cleaning it.

So its now i think the 5th day of having my piercing and its still slightly tender. The first few days it was quite sore, and i couldnt sleep on that side. But now its starting to feel better.


Warmth and redness around the area. Sore to touch and of course puss and all that good stuff! If your piercing is infection and its not getting better, either see a doctor or take it out! ASAP


Anywhere form 6month to 1year! Dont get slack with your cleaning, because that is when infection will start! Keep cleaning it till its 100% healed!
If your piercing is starting to feel itchy- that means its healing! YAAAY!


Mine cost $100 including the bar. But it will depend on your piercer.

So i hope this has helped, and i hope that it has answered some of your questions about the pain and healing etc!
Let me know if you have any more!

For anyone that is interested this is my "Piercings and Tattoo's" video!

Lots of love

Jade xx


  1. Jade - your blog posts are so informative.
    I have been a subscriber of your youtube channel for a long time time now and more recently started following your blogs. Keep up the good work.
    Oh and I hope you don't mind but you have given me inspiration to do a piercing and tattoo video. If you are interested in watching any of my youtube videos - go ahead it would make my day:) lol

    1. Thankyou Natalie!
      Your so sweet, i really appreciate your support hun! Oh wicked no not at all id love to see it!
      Ill watch it now hun!


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  2. Actually if any piecing is infected DO NOT TAKE IT OUT! Because by doing that you are trapping the infection inside & making it 100 times worse. Leave it in & go straight to your doctor and have them look at it!

  3. thank you for the info, i am trying to decided if i want my industrial done. i have my 2 lobe piercings in each ear. one is gauged to a 0 on both sides and i have the rim of my ear pierced on one side. and tongue pierced twice and belly button. i loved your YouTube video!! your tattoos are awesome! i have 8 so far. they are so addictive! i will be following your blog :)


  4. You should never take out a piercing if it is infected. The whole will close up and the bacteria will get trapped inside your ear, it will be very hard to get rid of it if it doesn't have a way out. That infected industrial picture was a result of taking out the jewelry and it got trapped in her ear. She went to the hospital and they had to make a small slit in her ear to drain the bacteria. If she had prolonged her trip to the dentist, she could have died because the infection could have spread to her brain. I'm not making this up. That photo is of Nikki's ear (youtuber, as well.)

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  6. Body piercings are cool but you must know some piercing care guidelines to avoid body infections. And choosing the right jewelry is much better as well.

  7. I bought Claire's ear care solution when I pierced my cartilage myself... Do you think it's ok to use is on my new industrial piercing??

    1. I wouldn't i use sea salt and warm water on my industrial and with cartilage piercings if you get any healing bumps use cammomile teabags on them. if you think you need to cover a paper towel in the seasalt solution and place it over the ear for 5 to ten minutes then dry it with a q-tip.

  8. Wow thanks im thinking about getting mine done and this helped a lot. Ha

  9. Very good video very informative ill be following your videos and blog

  10. I got my industrial done for 20, including the bar. I think you got ripped off..

  11. Very informative! I just had my industrial done 2 days ago and I agree with the top (hole closest to hair) was the worst and I didn't feel the second one either. I recently started working at a Tattoo and Piercing Shop so I am getting a ton of stuff done. I already have 35 tattoos and I am starting on piercings again. I have had 17 done over the years but had to take them all out for various reasons. I have found that the absolute best care for piercings is sea salt water!!! Piercings heal in way less time with the sea salt water.

    1. I need help with my piercing. Idk if im using the correct cleaning material. Im using the Claire's ear care antiseptic.? ??is that ok or what can i use also hiw long does it take for the swelling. To go away i got min fone on 11/29/13 and the top is still a lil red and just a bit swollen should i be worried about it im srry for asking you but i have no one else to ask

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  13. Ok guys i just got my industrial. On 11/29/13 and i am very sacred. Of it getting infected im using the Claire's Ear care clean it and the bottom part does not hurt at all im worried about the top its a lil red and just a bit swollen. Should i be worried about that ????also im i cleaning it w the right product

    1. Do not use Claire's ear solution ever. Use non-iodized sea salt, 1 tsp for 1 cup of water. Use q-tip to apply salt water and remove crusties and make sure you rinse the salt water off. Rinsing the salt water off after cleaning is important. Keep in mind that even salt in the wrong proportions can melt your skin off. Only clean twice per day in addition to using an anti-microbial soap in the shower. That kind of soap is okay for your piercing once per day. Cleaning more than a total of 3 times per day can cause irritation. Only touch piercing after washing hands and when cleaning otherwise do not ever touch.

  14. its best to use SEA SALT. and soap that is ANTIBACTERIAL. if you recently got it you should not move it up nor down, this will cause the "crusties" to go inside of the piercing and can get infected. and p.s. i got mine for 15 dollars. :)

    1. Plus the crusties also cause more irritation once they get down in the piercing, which prolongs healing. We use a LITHA policy, othrler than cleaning it, leave it the hell alone! Let it heal. Don't twist, turn, rotate, move up and down, or in and out, or change it before it's ready!

  15. Well the pictures here are quite fascinating but it should be ensured that the do's and dont's of the piercing are followed while the piercing is being done....

  16. Actually for all of you recommending sea salt and water mixture, that is fine to use but the water part is either boiled (which someone mentioned) or bottled/distilled water. Aapp actually states that using that oR saline solution for contact lenses is the way to go. Don't use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or any of that crap from Claire's. The LAST place I would get any piercing aftercare instructions is from a place that 1.uses a gun to pierce and 2.doesn't clean the gun or wash their hands between people. They have no running water at the piercing station. Anyway merely a suggestion. Been piercing for 7 years. And by the way aapp is American Association of Professional Piercers. Hope this helps!

  17. Do you have to clean it for the 6 months to a year or a few weeks? Just wanting to make sure thinking about getting one but I'm going to a school over 400 miles from where I live and the piercer. So I just want to make sure so I don't get it infected.

  18. Got my industrial piecing like six weeks ago for $38.. It's still sore and I clean it with sea salt water and saline solution.. Can't wait till it stops being sore....

  19. I'm not sure if my comment posted so, I'll write it again lol. I got my industrial done yesterday (it's straight through) Usually it would be $70 but there was a deal so I got it for $30. My piercer did not recommend a sea salt solution but instead recommended I get antibacterial soap, squeeze my ear and rotate the bar back and forth which, I think we all know that it is much to painful to do that especially when it's first done! Even the helix which my mom got is too painful to move the ring back and forth as he told her to do.

    1. And I found the exact same thing with getting it pierced, the first part was the most painful and I basically didn't feel the second part. I'm hurting today though lol

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  21. Did the middle of the bar ever dig into the side of your ear? Mine is doing that and I'm kind of worried.